Social Design Group


Social Design Group makes interdisciplinary basic researches and delivers solutions to assist individuals, companies, government agencies, and societies in making a decision and taking an action for social risk management. The social risk management is a field of computational social sciences which is founded solidly on quantitative modeling, forecast, and control of complex network constructs. With the solutions, which are powered by the UnKnots (anoz) technologies, analysts can understand the complex network constructs which are hidden behind observable physical and social phenomena. The technologies are invented from collaborative research programs with universities, government organizations and business institutions in applied mathematics, statistical physics, socio-economic sciences, and the state-of-the-art computing and information technologies. Major application areas include the following.

1. Systems Epidemiology for determining epidemic parameters and a transmission topology, discovering unknown critical spreaders, detecting a change point in the transmission trend, and identifying the origin of the transmission from the observation on an infectious disease outbreak like a SARS epidemic in 2003 and a flu pandemic in 2009, or a probable bio-terrorism

2. Systems Economics for managing investment portfolio of banks and financial institutions, analyzing the transmission of financial distress like the one seen in the financial crisis in 2007, and containing the contagion of a worldwide financial system

3. Reflective Communication Analysis in marketing for prompting consumers to become aware of his or her unconscious preferences on products and services, and convey them to designers of products and services in the form of verbal explanation

4. Social Network Analysis in counter-terrorism for revealing the communication topology in a terrorist organization like a global mujahedin network of Al Qaeda in 2001 from the surveillance records, and discovering unknown influential information spreaders in the organization



If you are interested in the solutions and researches, please do not hesitate to contact the founder management consultant and scientist Dr. Yoshiharu Maeno. Additional information in Japanese is also available in his blogs.